7 Day Savings Challenge! Top 8 Money Hacks

You Can't Afford To Not Do This. We decided to make things as easy as possible by revealing the best and easiest ways to save a ton of money.

Scroll down to see the 5 quickest ways to put money back in your pocket today:

1. It’s Time for a Streaming and “Monthly Charge” Checkup

I’m a sucker for a monthly streaming or entertainment service. I’m also someone who will pay the monthly fee for an ad-free experience on music and other services. My thought is “it’s only $7 a month” or whatnot. But in hard times, those “only $7 a month” can add up.

I saved more than $30 a month just by dropping down to the free ad-supported model of a music service, and cut out the two “lesser watched” of the four movie/tv streaming services I used to subscribe to. And you know what? I barely noticed the difference.

2. Set / Review Your Budget

If you have a budget, it’s time to review it. Because that’s how I found one of those two streaming services I cut (I had forgotten about it.) Reviewing your budget will let you see exactly what you are willing to live without.

It also goes without saying that if you have not yet set a budget, right now is the perfect time. You need to track every dollar..

3. Save Up To $4,260 On Your Mortgage Every Year

if you're a homeowner, don't pay your next mortgage bill until you learn about this... The FED recently cut rates down to the lowest they've been in years! These cuts can help the average homeowner reduce their mortgage payments by an average of $4,260/year (or $355/month).

The rates could skyrocket any day now, so it's suggested that homeowners visit the Lower My Bills website to check what savings they qualify for. The banks are hoping rates increase so they can make more money off of you (don’t let them by locking in a lower rate now).

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4. If You Have Life Insurance, Are You Overpaying?

It's safe to say, if you have life insurance or don't, you are worried about your family's future. Either way, you should head on over to AIG Direct. AIG Direct offers $250,000 of Term Life Insurance Coverage for as low as $29 a month!

AIG Direct is free to check out and it takes all of two minutes to get a free quote. So if life insurance is on your mind, check it out.

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5. In 2020 Solar Panel Owners Can Deduct 26% Off

Solar energy has been catching on like wildfire lately. The obvious benefit is it helps the environment, but that’s not why more people than ever are getting it. Homeowners are falling in love with how much money you can save over the years. Not only will the government give you money incentives to get solar, but the unused energy you generate can be sold back to the power companies.

We’ve got a free tool to find the best deals and incentives on solar in your area. Click the link below and see what’s available to you.

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6. Consolidate Your Debt And Owe Less

More and more people are struggling with debt than any other time in history. This used to be a “death” sentence until recently. A new wave of companies are able to reduce your debt by up to 50% and they can even consolidate it all into one monthly payment. Millions of people in debt have been able to negotiate and pay less than they owe, you can be one of them too.

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7. Drivers Who Drive Less Than 30 Miles a Day Are In For A Big Surprise

An experienced driver is a safe driver. And insurance companies love experienced drivers.

Most drivers will get an automatic discount just due to their age, but there are other factors too, like where you live, how much you drive, whether you commute to work… all of these things can mean even bigger savings for seniors.

Want to save a ton on your next insurance bill? Check out insurance.comparisons.org.

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8. Save 25% on Your Homeowners Insurance

Truth be told, if you are a homeowner, you’ve probably had your same homeowner’s insurance since the day you closed on your house. It’s just not something we check. But you should, because homeowner’s insurance has evolved (for example, HOA discounts, discounts for having fire extinguishers, etc.)

Everquote, is a publicly traded insurance company that specializes in homeowner’s insurance, and can save you, on average, 25% on your homeowner’s policy. That’s a lot of money, and it costs you nothing to check and see if you can save. In fact, it takes 60 seconds to get a free quote. Check it out today!