2021 Consumer Spending Alert: These 6 Companies are Overcharging You

2021 is not the time to be paying more than you should for anything. With politics and pandemics taking center stage, we’ve all cut our spending.

But not every overcharge is as easy to figure out as “hey dummy, make coffee at home instead of buying an $8 latte”.

Some overcharges hide in plain site.

That’s why we’re here to uncover six classic “overcharges” for you. PLUS, give you the tools to quickly and easily fix them.

Ready to save? Let’s go:

Car insurance companies are famous for overcharging. They get you in at a certain rate, and you pretty much keep paying without a second thought.

The reality is, you are very likely eligible for some big discounts that your insurer will never give you on their own.

For example, are you driving less these days? Discount. Has it been three more years without a DUI? Discount. And so on.

The easy way to find out is to compare rates side by side. You can do this for free over at comparisons.org. Take the two minutes to put in your basic info (state, zip code, driving record, etc), and bam, side by side quotes.

You’ll be shocked at what you can save instantly – we promise.

Get side by side comparisons for free here.

Let’s stick with insurance (we know, insurance is boring; that’s why it’s so profitable for them. Companies know you’d rather swallow glass than think about your policy.)

People waste money every year on homeowner’s insurance that doesn’t cover what they care about most. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Perhaps you've heard about "Modern Home Insurance"and how the policies provided through Hippo Insurance Services offers protection for what’s important to today’s homeowner. You can even get a quote in 60 seconds directly on their website, no phone call required! How easy is that? Plus, with 4x higher coverage limits than traditional policies for computers and home office equipment and savings of up to 25% on annual premiums, what do you have to lose?

Step 1: Enter your address and get a quote in 60 seconds!

Step 2: View rates and select the right coverage for you!

If you carry a credit card balance (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) your credit card company LOVES you. Just keep paying that minimum payment at a stupid interest rate that maybe knocks a buck or two off your balance…

Enough already.

It’s time you took control of this credit card fiasco. Check Freedom Debt Relief. They can reduce your credit card debt, and get it under control where you’re not paying exorbitant interest charges.

We get it – talking with your credit card companies is stressful. That’s why Freedom Debt Relief exists – they do it for you. You can save THOUSANDS, and put more money in your pocket right now.

4. Cell Phone: You Can Get Excellent Brand-Name Service For as Little as $20/Month

PureTalkUSA is a company who has both the price and the tech. They operate on the AT&T network, so you get the best coverage available. But the price is really sweet – we’re talking monthly plans with unlimited talk and text for $20. Add data and still save big.

You also get 50% off your first bill. And there’s no contract. Plus, if you aren’t thrilled after 30 days, you get your money back.

No tricks, no “oh, here are nineteen other charges we can just add”, no big bills.

Want to see how much you can save? Use their free savings calculator.

Like the insurances we mention above, Life Insurance is another place you sign up, and pay forever without question.

You should stop that right now and check out National Family Assurance. They are the largest and most respected life insurance sales agency on the planet, and they can get you the best price on term life (how about $500k in coverage for under $19/month?)

National Family Assurance is free to use – they will show you the best prices from the best carriers, and you choose what works for you. It takes two minutes, and can save you hundreds a year.

Interest rates are at historic lows. No joke – you need to take advantage of this.

If you own a home, you should shop refi rates online. That’s because you can instantly save every month, and also put a few bucks in your pocket immediately as well.

Really, rates have fallen that much, and seeing how much you can lower your payment is fast, easy, and best of all, it’s free.

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